You may apply for aid if you have ever been a motor racing participant and are currently experiencing financial hardship due to illness or injury. This holds true whether or not the condition is related to racing.

We are here to help

Who is eligible?

Any Indy car licensed participant.

What is the size of each award?

When the Fund originated, it was decided that no award would exceed five percent of the fund balance. If the fund balance in January is $300,000, each case decided during that semi-annual period would have a maximum lifetime benefit of $15,000. This has allowed the fund to perpetuate, and has also afforded a useful sum to be distributed to each beneficiary.

How are the awards determined?

Each award is decided on an individual basis. An application must be filled out for an award to be processed. Before we make an award, our social worker evaluates the potential cases and makes recommendation to us as to how the applicants could best benefit from our help. In most cases, we provide living expenses for the duration of the period of need, up to the maximum allowable amount, per the five- percent cap per case. The social worker then contacts the applicant to evaluate where the need is greatest. In the case of disability, she looks at both medical bills and household expenses and sources of income. A recommendation is then made to the Benevolent Fund Board as to the dollar amount and length of time for the grant. A disability certificate is required from the applicant’s treating physician for the length of the disability.